Treatment against the Bell or Inflated Uvula

If we observe our mouth , in addition to the tongue or teeth, we can see a small ball that hangs in the back of the mouth. This hanging ball is called a uvula , although it is familiarly known as a bell, but what happens when the uvula or bell is inflamed? The answer is simple, we can feel pain or discomfort when swallowing food and even when swallowing your own saliva, vomiting, etc. In this article we will discuss the bell or inflamed uvula and its treatment, we will know the reasons why the bell is inflamed, how to avoid it and if it has already occurred, how to treat it.

What is the Úvula or Campanilla?

The uvula, bell, grape, gallillo, galillo or bell, all these are the names by which know this small fusiform muscle hanging from the lower edge of the soft palate above the root of the tongue. It is found between two lymphoid clusters called tonsils.


The uvula is formed by connective tissue and mucosa , in addition to three muscles, the tensor, the palate elevator and the uvula muscle itself.

The space that is between the laterals of the palate is called isthmus of the jaws and is delimited by the free edge of the soft palate above, by the tongue below, and by the pillars of the soft palate and tonsils on the sides.


The uvula has important functions such as:

  • Articulation of speech sounds. Helps to articulate sounds to achieve speech function, works synchronized with throat and palate to be able to create sounds when speaking.
  • Barrier against bacteria and other microorganisms that can enter the mouth and reach the digestive system.
  • Prevents food or liquids from reaching the nose during vomiting , coordinating with the rest of the soft palate separating the oral cavity from the nasal in order to control access to the nasal resonance cavity.

If the uvula was absent , any ingested food could enter the nasal cavity. This food must be swallowed and this causes the uvula and the soft palate to move and close the nasopharynx which is the cavity that forms the upper part of the pharynx.

In summary , the uvula can be considered as a selection mechanism for anything that enters our throat. In addition, it is responsible for acting as a barrier for bacteria or other microorganisms, which can enter our body through the digestive tract. The swelling of the uvula can be caused by many reasons and the affected person can experience great difficulties swallowing food and during the modulation of the voice.

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Treatment of the swollen or inflamed bell

In mild cases of inflammation of The bell can be treated at home , however it never hurts to go to your doctor when you feel discomfort or pain.

Remedies for mild inflammation

Although there are many favorable home remedies to treat the inflamed uvula, it is always advisable to combine the natural with a common anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen, which will be prescribed by your doctor.Due to its iodine content, salt is a good anti-inflammatory that will also help to control possible infections.

Keeping hydrated is essential, because if the chill is irritated and swollen the dryness will be the order of the day. By not consuming liquid we increase the discomfort, in Blogmedicina we have talked about the honey to soothe the sore throat, that is why it is advisable to take warm infusions, especially the tea with a spoonful of honey, since the Honey has antibiotic properties that will help you reduce inflammation effectively. Drinking plenty of water is beneficial between 10-12 glasses of water.

Some homeopathic remedies such as Belladonna or Artemis Vulgaris are especially indicated to relieve throat discomfort including inflammation, irritation and dryness, remember that plants are, from ancestral times, good options to treat various health problems. In a herbalist you can find more information about the subject.

If the inflammation of the uvula is caused by an allergic reaction it is important to take antihistamines to control the problem. The same applies when dealing with severe flu.

While you have an inflamed uvula it is important that you do not smoke, do not shout or elk too loudly and keep your neck protected from the cold, sudden changes in temperature could worsen the problem.

If after three days with a home treatment the bell continues reddened, inflamed and irritated, if we have a lot of pain and problems swallowing and if we also observe white spots similar to pus, you should go to an otorrino . When the uvula is infected, you should proceed to take specific antibiotics for the problem that only a doctor can prescribe.

Medical Treatment

This condition is usually treated by specialists in Otorhinolaryngology . The doctor may try to find out the cause of the inflammation, such as if it has been caused by an infection, dryness, etc. The treatment may be with throat sprays and analgesics >, if there is infection, antibiotics will be used.

The doctor can advise changes in the type of diet, leave habits like tobacco, alcohol, drink drinks very hot etc.

If the patient suffers from recurrent uvulitis the doctor may recommend the use of adrenaline injections. The patient will have to Inject each time the inflammation occurs.

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