Home remedies to improve indigestion

Eating too much, consuming alcohol or taking foods that we do not usually eat can induce indigestion or empathy. Christmas is one of the times where celebrations around food abound, so they increase the indigestion a lot. In another Blogmedicina article we spoke of stomach pain , one of the symptoms of empacho. In this blog we will know what is indigestion, what produces it and how to relieve it so that the next time we suffer discomfort in the stomach, we know the Home remedies to improve if you have indigestion or empathy.

Home remedies to improve if you have indigestion o empacho

Indigestion occurs mainly in the stomach and is a discomfort that we begin to suffer during or immediately after eating. The pain is very localized causing pain, heat or just a burning sensation, in the area between the navel and the sternum.  home remedies-indigestion-pain

Dyspepsia, or indigestion produces discomfort and discomfort, does not obey any organic cause , but functional. It is not a problem that requires a medical intervention, unless these pains may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as weight loss or difficulty in swallowing.

Main Symptoms of a indigestion or embarrassment

The main symptoms are manifested with abdominal pains, in some cases with an inaccurate location, since the pain can be branched throughout the abdomen , feeling of swelling after food, heaviness in the stomach.

In some cases the person suffering from indigestion or indigestion suffers rapid burps, nausea and vomiting. Bad breath and bad taste of mouth, all this together with a pasty mouth that makes it difficult for us to eat or swallow.

Home remedies to improve indigestion

A very common disorder, the small intestine is inflamed due to having eaten an excessive amount of food, or by the intake of food that could be in poor condition.Cookies, sweets, nougat, chocolates, dry products, chips, chewing gum and even very green fruits, can cause embarrassment in children.

 Home remedies to improve if you have indigestion or empathy

Symptoms of indigestion or empathy in children

If you think that a baby or small child could have symptoms of empacho it is advisable to consult the pediatrician, since it could be a food poisoning (which has similar symptoms). It is better to prevent if the baby has vomiting, complains of pain and has symptoms described above consult the doctor, who can best advise you.

remedies -caseros-indigestion-baby

The problem arises when the child is too small to express what hurts, or feels, in this case we will be aware of the characteristic symptoms that we have already seen previously, in addition to a simple check to make sure that the baby has a swollen stomach or not.

When should we see the doctor

The specialist should always go, as soon as we feel discomfort of any kind, it will always be better to be observed by a professional who will know how to act. Usually when it is a simple indigestion or empathy, the symptoms are very clear and we have already mentioned them, lacking in severity. But not to confuse these symptoms with more serious, we must go to the doctor mandatory when we notice some of these symptoms such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Weight loss for no apparent reason
  • Swallowing problems

Remedios home for indigestion or empacho

First we would have to completely change the eating habits and take a series of measures that will benefit us in the short and long term. An important first step is to allocate time to the preparation of meals, avoid nervous situations or stress during the meal, not exercise immediately after a meal, properly chew food, so that they can reach the stomach as digested as possible .


E The first and most obvious, but important . If you feel bad, do not eat, nothing happens to be eight or more hours without eating. The body itself also asks you not to eat.


Whenever we talk about pineapples, obviously we We refer to the natural and fresh pineapple, it is a good remedy to cut diarrhea. It is able to counteract and balance acid levels in case of having eaten too much and feeling heavy.

The way to take it is to eat a few pieces of natural pineapple , before meals . Enzymes such as bromelain or bromelain, will be our best allies to make a quick digestion, removing that unpleasant feeling of being full when you have eaten a lot.

Warm water and bicarbonate

A glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon and bicarbonate is a known remedy for indigestion or empacho . This mixture helps to neutralize the acid in the stomach.

Home Remedies to improve if you have indigestion or empathy


Cinnamon is one of those remedies of the grandmother , that have been used all the life, but that seems we had forgotten them and now we are willing to recover.

remedies-home-indigestion -canela

The way to consume it is, among others making a wonderful cinnamon tea , for which using half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass with boiling water , letting it rest. The best and most effective way to take it is as hot as possible to get immediate relief.

We make a cinnamon tea by pouring ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder into a cup of boiling water and letting it sit for a few minutes.


Grapefruit is also one of those fruits laden with very beneficial properties for human beings. In this case it is also able to solve digestion problems. Grapefruit peel helps soothe the stomach irritation that has been caused by indigestion.

home remedies -indigestion-grapefruit

The way to prepare it is very simple, just r over a bit of the shell and let it dry in a place in the sun, during some how many hours, when it is completely dry, take half a teaspoon when you suffer stomach pain. What we achieve with this is to improve the transit of digestive juices , improving the functioning of this one.

Apple Vinegar

For empacho, half an hour before starting to eat, we should drink a glass of water to which we will add a jet of apple cider vinegar . If we take it on an empty stomach, it will also not clean the digestive system.



Chamomile or peppermint tea are mild to the stomach and can help soothe the pain, 3 cups of tea a day will help you to do better digestion.


Infusion of ginger, or take some grated ginger in a glass of water. This remedy is sensational, since ginger is very useful to solve problems of ulcers, nausea and upset stomach. The root of ginger you can find in any supermarket is very rich in antioxidants.Having always a little ginger at home can be very useful because it is also excellent for infusions if you have a cough, flu or cold. It is not expensive and it lasts very well stored in the fridge. The infusion is prepared by grating ginger and adding a little boiling water.

 Home remedies to improve if you have indigestion or embarrassment

If you are lying on your side and with an extra pillow on your head to have an elevated position. This will reduce the feeling of acidity in the stomach, by having the area of ​​the head and chest elevated the acid reflux sensation will be reduced.

 Home remedies to improve if you have indigestion or empathy

Fennel or cumin

If you have babies at home, it sure sounds like fennel, for the 'place of the infant'. Fennel and also cumin are excellent remedies for indigestion or embarrassment.

 Home remedies to improve if you have indigestion or empacho

You can take them as an infusion, but they are even more effective if you chew and swallow them together a glass of water. These seeds are beneficial for relieving nausea and spasms of the intestine.

Prevention of indigestion or empathy

This advice can help you prevent indigestion if you are going to have a meal or dinner. It consists of taking a glass of warm water with a splash of apple cider vinegar half an hour before the meal. Then at the meal try to chew about 30 times each bite , to help better digestion, also if you try to chew each bite 30 times, in the end you will eat less (and almost without realizing it).


Be careful with the juices of fruits and carbonated drinks if you take them between meals as they can often cause gas and abdominal pain as they are not digested well by the colon. Other foods such as cheese can produce gas and heaviness in the digestion.

Video with tips to relieve indigestion or empathy

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