Causes of an inflamed bell

Knowing the causes of an inflamed bell can help you prevent the condition and treat it more effectively.

What is the bell?

The bell, as we call it colloquially, it receives the name of uvula and is at the end of the throat with a shape similar to the clapper inside a bell.

It has a pink color but when it becomes inflamed or irritated it acquires a redder color, while on the sides of the throat (tonsils) there may appear pus plates that have a white color.

The function of the bell we could understand it as a barrier against bacteria and as the facilitator of the ingestion of food that goes to the stomach, directing it towards the esophagus and not the larynx.


Symptoms of the inflamed bell

A bell inflamed ge nera clear and annoying symptoms, since you usually notice a mild pain that is uncomfortable at all times. This pain is often accompanied by a constant feeling that the throat is dry , which makes you want to cough.

When the inflammation gets bigger, there may be a difficulty swallowing both liquid and solid foods, the area is very sensitive and can increase the size of the uvula.

This symptomatology is so frequent but is accompanied by fever, headache and even nausea.

Causes of the inflamed bell

Knowing the facts that can cause the bell to swell will help prevent it. There are really many causes that can cause the chirp to become inflamed and, if several causes occur on the same day, the likelihood of it happening and the size of the swelling increases.


Drinking alcohol can cause irritation important in the bell, especially if the intake is excessive, as this produces a dehydration of the body. If you add smoke to the amount of alcohol you drink, the dryness of this area increases greatly, so it is easy to become inflamed.

The consumption of cold drinks and changes in temperature can cause it. This is usually accompanied by a sore throat and eventually it becomes infected.

Snoring will also cause this area to dry up and gradually irritate the uvula .

Some allergies can also produce an inflammation of the bell, which quickly has to go to the doctor to receive the appropriate treatment and cut it.

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